Learn web development by building a user management application using PHP and MySQL.

This course will take you from your basic PHP knowledge to building advanced websites using PHP frameworks. In this course you will learn a whole lot of important concepts in web development that will land you big jobs and contracts.
The course builds a robust and powerful jobs recruitment website platform while explaining cool concepts such as

  • MVC
  • Routing
  • Middlewares
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Access Control Levels
  • Templating Engines
  • Object Relational Models
  • Database Relationships
    and so on.
  • HTML,CSS,·jQuery
  • Responsive Design
  • PHP Programming
  • MySQL Databases
  • Laravel
  • Build any web applications from concept to finish Build job recruitment , blogging , payment platforms
  • Build scalable web applications
  • Students who wish to learn how to build advanced and beautiful websites and platforms.
  • People who wish to have enough knowledge in web development so as to land high paying development jobs.

Available through 10-12 days classroom delivery (HashTag-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.